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Lessons of Life from a Sports Ground

Sports teaches you that If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination and hunger for success, and if you are willing to be disciplined in your quest, day after day, you will achieve your dream.

It teaches you to lead, and to aim always to win, but also to be a gentleman at the same time, on and off the field, because It’s not a victory unless you win it fair and square.

It teaches you to take failure and success in your stride. A big hundred today and you are riding high; out first ball the next day and it’s a long, lonely walk back to the Pavillion. Success & Disappointment are a constant companion on the sports ground, but it makes you mentally tough.

It teaches you to handle pressure and stress and most importantly, your own emotions at such times. And all this, put together, teaches you to play the game of life!


  • i-Innovative International School opening shortly in 3 Acre Campus
  • Innovative Intl School name got entered into GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book.
  • Innovative Intl School got awarded as Best School by International School Academy, DUBAI-UAE.


Mon - Sat 9.30am - 3.30pm

Outside School care for 5 - 7 years molds

Innovative International School was started in the year 2009 under “Iqhra Bi-Ismi Rabbi Educational and Charitable Trust® with a vision of raising youngstars with confidence and aspiration.

Our impact

Our project-based classes bring together students to collaboratively tackle real-world challenges.

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